I am an adventure athlete with a passion for all things wild.  Ultramarathon running, mountain biking, fastpacking, mountain climbing, backpacking, adventure racing, obstacle racing, travelling, scuba diving, sky diving...got any other suggestions?  I'm in!

I share my adventures with the hope of inspiring others to live deeply, play with passion and reach for their dreams.  I know that we are all capable of so much more than we will ever realize.  I want to help you believe this to be true and encourage you to step beyond your self perceived limits and play the game of life with both feet in. #choosestoke isn't just my hashtag, it is truly my mission in life - to spread stoke for this sweet life!

What adventures are on your bucket list?  Do tell!  I would love to help you make those dreams a reality and support you any way I can with resources, inspiration, coaching or anything you need! Browse all of my Adventures on the blog or explore the categories below.


Come for a run with me! If you are looking for running inspiration, be sure to check out my Running Adventures on Van Isle and around the globe. Image credit: Hilary Ann


The world awaits! Travel is in my blood and exploring is a key piece of this big journey for me. I travel on my own, with family and friends and with my biz, ELM, as part of our annual Travel Adventures. Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Thailand, Malasia, Australia...where to next?


I race to explore new places, for motivation to train, to push beyond my self perceived limits, to play mind games, get some good exercise in, to connect with my amazing race community and to just have fun! Running, mountain biking, adventure racing, obstacle racing…find all of my recent race reports here or you can have a look at my race calendar/results here.

Mountain Biking

There isn't anything much more fun than exploring on two wheels! From epic multi-day adventures in the mountains (aka mountainbikeaneering;) to stage racing and weekend warrior adventures, you will find some single track stoke in here.


Run, bike, paddle, rappel, obstacles, mud, navigation…sign me up! From single day sprints to multi-day stage races and 24 hour sufferfests, you will find your multi-sport motivation right here.


My heart lives in the mountains. I enjoy moving through the mountains for hours and days on end, with only the rhythm of nature, my breathe and my feet to guide me. In my mountain adventures you will find me overnighting, fast packing, peak bagging, snagging FKTs, mountain running, star gazing, rapelling, self arresting, embracing swarms of bugs, savouring solo sunrises and so much more...


My newest love has taken me on an exciting journey already and I can't wait to see where Yoga and Meditation take me next. Yoga feels beautiful for my body, balances my high voltage personality and allows me to access new depths of clarity, peace, love and stillness within my mind. I hope my Yoga adventures inspire you to explore this amazing medium for connecting with yourself, with nature and with those around you.

Random Adventures

Micro Adventures, Mis Adventures and Epics…you will find all of my favourite random adventures, right here!