Panama and Costa Rica in Three Weeks

Got three weeks?  Can I squeeze into your suitcase?

We have just returned from 3 weeks in Central America and are in the twilight zone of adapting to real life and processing the amazing journey we have just had.  After strolling at flip flop pace and pedalling at cruiser speed, we feel like we are standing still in our real lives back home.  Peeps are flying by in the grocery isles and we are flip flopping along.  Our bikes seem slower and the wheels won't turn.  We have been relaxing for 3 weeks and are beyond well rested, but it seems that by 1pm I need a nap.  Hee Hee.  I hope I can keep some of this tranquility in my heart for the next 11 months...

We almost didn't go.  Newly hooked on Hawaii, we almost decided to return to the land of easy living this year, but the tragic Canadian dollar gave us incentive to explore elsewhere. And we are so glad that we did!  There is something about Central America that both Brad and I love and it has drawn us back time and again.

A few memories are floating through my mind and I want to catch and preserve them in case the fade away...

  • mass, catching light and snacks at sunset on the beach.

  • Fireflies in your hair.

  • Crabs in the shower.

  • And the ants...oh the ants.

  • Heated ocean water...Panama had the warmest ocean water I have ever set foot in.  Unreal. 

  • Opening fresh coconuts the local way and devouring the water and meat on the beach.

  • No shoes.  No shirt.  No wi-fi.

  • Rum love right down to the tip of your toes.

  • Endless beach walks, backroad cruisin and hopping in and out of the surf all day long.

  • And that heat.  That warmth that gets into your bones and relaxes your tissues and heals your body and mind.