BCBR Day 3 Powell River

Welcome to Powell River it's time to giver! Check out the view from my tent!

Forgive me for I have sinned...I tried my first Red Bull at the second aid station today!!  I know I know let me have it.. I am going to the hot zone for sure.  Toxic and as far from real food as you could get, it was an experiment of sorts.  I'm not sure if it truly gave me 'wings' but I did feel strong right until the end.  I will probably need to replicate the results to confirm my findings...lord I've turned into the Bridezilla of racing, over the top and doing things I swore I wouldn't...

I'll keep this short and sweet and share some pics instead...
Great day!Arrived late via the ferry and had 10 minutes to warm up...and the race started with a big climb out of the gates yikes.  No chance to draft just push the pedals round and round all the way to the single track.Another 48k of racing:)Super pedally friendly single track heaven.One VERY fun enduro section (will have to look the name of the trail up).  These are time sections on each course that highlight favorite downhill trails.  You hear the beep when you go through the gates and you hammer!3:00hoursish - shorter and easier which was a nice treat as we started at 1:15 in the heat of the day!
I'm tucking in to Phad Thai at Thaidal Zone on the water!  Gotta go!
Ferry line up... BC ferries didn't know what hit them on the 10:10 sailing from Little River!We had a wonderful welcome from the folks of Powell River!  Complete with pipers and high school cheer leaders!

Thanks to Dr Colin for the Rock Tape job this morning on the ferry, to support my shredded calf! Feeling better so far and crossing fingers it's on the mend.