Bike Fever - BCBR Day Zero

BCBR Day Zero.

I'm on the boat sailing into the sunrise on my way to check in for the BC Bike Race.  Which starts in my town.  So I will be turning right around and heading back home this afternoon.  A nice 10 hour commute to check in lol.  C'est la vie...I'm starting the BCBR woot woot!! 
The best news of the day?  The rain finally stopped!!  Wowza that was like a winter storm with day after day of rain.  Looks like summer is here just in time.

Yesterday I got home from a wet week camping on the coast and squeezed in a ride to wake up my legs and check out my bike.  We rode part of Day 1...and came across real life BCBR flagging.  Every year I have seen the flags in town on the July long weekend...and its still hard to believe this year they are waiting for me!  Well ok and about 500 other racers but still...

The other thing we found out there were puddles.  Actually they were more like ponds.  I ride all year round and I have never seen that much water up there at the top of Two way around them...just pick up your feet and make your own wake.   Come on sunshine work your magic!

The not so good news is I have had a fever and flu like ickiness for the past few days😩.  I don't know what little bug is trying to take me down but Im calling it Bike Fever.  I'm feeling much better so far today however. Crossing fingers it's behind me and I don't need Gravol to race tomorrow lol!

I started packing yesterday. Well, ok I threw some things in a pile...perks of living in the area of race central...  I get to stay at home for the first 3 nights!!  So I won't actually join the camping caravan until we head over to Powell River on day 3.  

Stay tuned for pics and dirty tales from the trail!  And be sure to check out the BCBR Facebook page for deets on cheer stations and daily race videos/reports!