My TEDx Presentation: Human Potential and the Power of the Mind

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Back in the fall of 2011 I was invited to speak at the inaugural  Comox Valley TEDx event.

"TED what?" I asked?

And so, my love affair with all things Technology Education and Design began to blossom, alongside millions of other humans around the world.  For those of you who have yet to dive into the TED universe, you don't know what you are missing!  TED talks are very short presentations on every single topic that you could possibly dream up.  Experts, personalities and generally interesting people share their thoughts on anything they believe is meaningful, in under 18 minutes.  From motivation to space exploration and everything in between, there is something captivating for everyone over at TED.

The TED motto is: "Ideas worth spreading" and I took this to heart when trying to choose a topic for my own TEDx community talk here in the Valley.  The choices were endless!  But wondered what idea I had that I felt was worthy of 'spreading?'.  I decided to speak right from my heart and chose a topic that resonates with me every single day.  

'Human potential and the power of the mind'.  I am a passionate believer in the enormous potential of the human body and what we are capable of when we learn to harness the power of the mind.  Our bodies are capable of much, much more than we will ever realize.  But it is our mind that most often determines our limits.  I have seen it many times.  I have felt it many times.  And I am reminded of it every single day through my ELM client's journey's and through my own personal experiences as an athlete.

Yes you can.  If you know me, you know that I believe 'you can do it'.  What ever it is that you want to do.  Climb Kilimanjaro?  Yes you can.  Run 100kms?  Yes you can.  Take on an ultra marathon in Iceland?   Yes you can.   These are just a few of the journeys that my ELM clients are tackling this year and I know that they are more than capable of reaching their goals with physical and mental preparation.   "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford, said it best.  Our physical success is made or lost first, in our minds.  I want to spread this idea to the world.  I want everyone to realize the boundless potential that they hold within.  It is right there waiting for us if we will only believe 'we can'.  In the end, my TEDx topic was pretty easy for me to choose!

Just this past month I finally got my hands on a copy of my TEDx talk.  It was fun to watch it for the first time after so many years... I am happy to say, that every single word still rings true today and if I were to do it all again this weekend, I wouldn't change a thing (other than my baggy flares lol!).  From my heart to yours...enjoy and please 'share' if you think it is an idea worth spreading!

From TEDX Comox Valley 2011 here is...

Human Potential and The Power of the Mind