BCBR Day 7 Whistler!


Done!  I am officially a BCBR finisher and I have the belt buckle to prove it!

It was a short but sweet final ride through the buffed single track of the Whistler bike park and the Lost Lake trails.  Fast and furious off the line and the intensity was super high.  They threw a huge climb at us right away and we mashed the pedals up the road, then dirt then single track to the entrance of Crank it Up...via legs as opposed to lifts...one of Whistlers famous park pump and jump trails...woah hold onto your handle bars!  

I am still riding a hard tail and it was everything I could do to avoid popping sky high off every jump which they have cleverly crafted to launch you effortlessly...  If you have ever ridden this trail just try and imagine hundreds of inexperienced bike park racers ripping down together on little XC bikes...it was pretty crazy but really fun!  Apparently there were some out of control airs and bad crashes however.  Crossing fingers everyone is ok.

It was a super fun race course that linked flowy single track, bridges, short steep power climbs and a few logging road grunts into one silly grin on your face oh boy that was fun ride.  I was stoked to see the finish and surprised to see the clock around 1:45- super short day after all the epics this week.

I saw first aid last night and they figure it was exercise induced asthma due to inflammation of the lungs from an allergy to something in Squamish.  They gave me a Reactin antihistamine for today and I was back to my usual self which was a relief.  My lungs are sore and I sound like a smoker hacking up all sorts of lovely toxins now but cest la vie I'm finished!

I'm not sure about the final results and I honestly don't care because I had such a great week and an awesome time!

I'm signing out and heading out to celebrate!

Davin and Adrienne the downhill duo!  Davin had the red raceplate signifying winning the enduro stages...and Adrienne was top 3 all week!  

Dr Colin the master taper!

John Crosby AKA the man with the chicken.  If you've been to a race involving adventure over the past 10 years then you know who I mean.

Happy Trails!