Review: Women's Specific Advanced Skin 8 Vest Set

PC: Jen Segger

PC: Jen Segger

Ladies! It’s time to play! Run, bike, hike, scramble, SUP, paddle - choose your adventure, this vest is up for anything! For the past two weeks I have had this women’s specific Salomon vest wrapped around me on nearly all of my adventures. I have been a fan of the function and fit of the Salomon Vest Set’s for many years now and will never go back to running ‘packs’ now that I know the freedom of movement that these vests allow. But a women’s specific version? That certainly caught my attention and I jumped at the chance to test drive the Women’s Specific Advanced Skin 8 Vest Set for Salomon and Altitude Sports. Read on to find out how the vest performed and what changes make this vest appeal to the ladies.

But first! Awesome video alert! Salomon just released a sweet video featuring badass adventure babes doing all the rad outdoor things to kick off their Women’s Specific line. It’s all about doing life YOUR WAY. Be sure to read to the end of this post to watch the video and get your adventure stoke up!

PC Ashely Titus

PC Ashely Titus


Isn’t she lovely? After running with basic black for so many years, this little number bedazzled me and I fell for it right away! “Yucca” is the colour and it also comes in navy if you want a little help hiding the dirt;)

What I Love About the Women’s Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Vest Set

This vest boasts all of the usual great features of Salomon Vests but with some specific changes to fit the ladies better. The stand out features to me are:

Water Bottle /Front Pocket Design. The new design places the water bottles lower and slightly wider, so that they are not pressing directly on the breasts. The soft flask bottles are also shaped triangular at the base so that they distribute the water wider and with less direct pressure on the chest. The bottles have straw extension lids, which makes them more comfortable AND more functional. No more cranking the neck and head down to reach the bottles as they empty and drop down lower and lower. The straws make drinking on the go much easier - 2 thumbs up for this new design!

Material. This pack is made from 2-way stretch in the chest area which allows for much more freedom of movement while the pack is cinched up tightly. The chest strapping system is more lightweight and minimal than previous designs and also seems to prevent excess pressure on the chest when the vest is pulled tight and packed full. Both of these changes make breathing with the pack cinched down tightly much easier! I love the feel of this new material and combined with the design changes, it is much more comfortable for the girls;)

Storage. 8 litres for the win! I have previously had the 5L and the 12L…but I think the 8L is where it’s at for most adventures! The extra space comes in a fully zipped outer storage space that is easily accessed on the back of the vest. The extra room makes packing an extra layer, jacket, headlamp, camera or trail snacks very manageable. With the 8L is perfect for colder or longer adventures that require a bit of extra gear, without over stretching the material and overloading the vest. Combine this with a series of small and medium sized pockets, and you have a place for everything that you need for your single track games! See the

Check it out over on Altitude Sports!

PC: Ashley Titus

PC: Ashley Titus

Such a better design for the girls! The soft flasks sit lower and a bit wider, and the triangular shape with straw extensions make it all work perfectly. 2-way stretch and thinner chest straps make this design much easier for breathing while limiting up and down bounce. I know women that wear the vests without a bra because it fit’s so snug and comfortably!

Left: Triangular soft flask design. Middle: Long straws make drinking with your head up a breeze! Right: There are pockets within pockets and a place for everything you need to reach on the go.

Women’s Specific Advanced Skin 8 Vest Set Specs

Specifications c/o Altitude Sports
• Hydration solution included: Soft flask included
• Volume scale: 6L > 10L
• Volume (liters): 8
• Weight (grams): 240
• Weight including accessories (grams): 308
• Back Length (cm): 37
• Dimensions (L x W x D in cm): 37 x 18 x 9
• Reference size: S
• Recommended Use: Hiking|Nordic Skiing


This vest is always up for an adventure! We are already ‘bosom’ buddies after running, biking and hiking together for the past few weeks. I know we will share plenty of more miles together this year!

What I really think…

Well…I haven’t really taken the vest off since I got it so…I LOVE IT! I definitely notice the change in design and how much more comfortable this version is. It is so comfortable that I was in no rush to take off the vest at the end of a 7 hour run this past weekend and that says alot! The only negative I can come up with is the light colour Yucca will get dirty. Oooooh. Big deal. Hahaha! I love dirt and if you are an adventure girl like me you won't be too worried about that either. Or, if you really can’t help but roll around in the dirt, you can pick up the navy blue version.

2 thumbs up and 5 gold stars for this Vest! Get it! Now scroll down to watch the video!

Check out the Women’s Specific Advanced Skin 8 Vest Set on Altitude!

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It’s always time to play!!! Go get it ladies!