Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Hello friends of ELM!

Need some help with your holiday shopping?   Give the gift of health and you will be supporting your loved ones on their own health journey!  We have some great gift ideas for everyone on your list...

For the NEW EXERCISER: Fresh Air Fitness!  This low-impact outdoor fitness program is designed to be supportive, fun and inclusive for all levels- including those just getting started!  Choose from 4 classes per week and get fit in the fresh air while meeting a great group of new friends:)

For the RUNNER: Need for Speed & Yoga!  This specialized running clinic is the perfect gift for the runner in your life who wants to run faster or further without getting injured!  The 6-week clinic includes  weekly coached runs,  education sessions and the option of weekly yoga for runners.  This session takes place in January only so don''t miss out on this great ''performance enhancing'' program!

For the FOODIE: NRG Foods that will move you!  This great little cookbook is jam packed full of natural, whole food recipes that will keep you energized all day long.  Healthy breakfasts, mobile energy and sports fuel recipes are included in this unique cookbook crafted by coach and endurance athlete, Sarah Seads.  Great gift for teens or university students as well- get them away from processed products and in love with real food!

For the SELF HELP BOOKWORM: Fit & Free, 7 steps to achieving fitness for life!  This is an awesome resource for anyone who would like to live a healthier and more active life now and into the future.  It includes a step by step program designed to help anyone and everyone identify and overcome obstacles to successfully living a healthy life.  This book will provide you with a giant toolbox full of useful and practical tips, tricks and tools to help you reach your fitness dreams and goals!

For the BUSY BEE: Online Training Plans & Home Equipment!  Download ELM''s home training video series or sport training plans and they will be delivered right to your computer instantly!  Or,  purchase a few simple pieces of equipment  to create an instant home gym!   Training doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming to have an impact.  ELM has skipping ropes, exercise bands, balls ready and waiting for you!

For the GOAL SETTER: Monthly Coaching!  Know someone that has a race or performance goal for 2014?  Give the gift of personalized monthly coaching with Coach Sara!  Monthly coaching is the most effective way to reach a new performance goal or race PR because it is based on scientific training principles and is personalized to match your needs as an individual!

And if all else fails...AN ELM GIFT CERTIFICATE will be sure to put a smile on the face of any health nut on your list!  

PS: Be sure to get your holiday orders in before Friday, December 20th to ensure Santa get's them on time!