#explorethevispine With Me!


Have you heard the news?  In case you missed my big announcement (which is going viral on Facebook woohoo!), here are the details about my upcoming Adventure Run...for a great cause!  Follow along via the new page on this blog called: #explorethevispine

I have a BIG adventure planned for 2016...and I am inviting YOU to join me...as I explore the Vancouver Island Spine Trail! 

WHAT I am up to:

This year I will be exploring the Vancouver Island Spine Trail through multiple ultra running adventures, with the goal of raising awareness about VISTA and their epic 700km Vancouver Island Spine Trail vision.  As the snow melts and new sections of trail are completed, I will be running deeper and deeper into the heart of Vancouver Island on the Spine Trail.  I will be documenting each leg and creating trail reports to help you plan and complete your own adventures on the Spine Trail.  

WHY I am doing this:

Once completed, the Vancouver Island Spine Trail will create a lasting legacy for islanders and adventurers from around the world.  TheVancouver Island Spine Trail will travel 700kms down the length of Vancouver Island, from Cape Scott provincial park in the north to the capitol city of Victoria, in the south.  The trail will take explorers deep into the heart of the island and provide access to some of the most beautiful wild spaces that exists anywhere in the world.  This trail will travel along wild coastlines, over alpine ridges, through ancient forests and it will connect the diverse communities that stitch this amazing island together.  Once complete, this trail will truly be legendary.  I cannot wait to experience it and share it with you!

The Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association, VISTA, has been dedicated to creating this epic trail for many years and they are getting very close to completing the project.  Half of the trail has already been completed, the majority is planned to be open by 2017 and their goal is to have the full 700km trail ready by 2019.  They need our support to make it happen.  If you value wilderness, exploration and getting outside to play on this beautiful island I would like to ask you to help VISTA in one of three ways...

HOW you can join me:

If you are reading this post, I invite you to do one of the following three things...right now! 

1.  Support.  Make a donation to the non-profit, VISTA, to help them cover expenses associated with creating the Spine Trail.  From trail location and building to education and ongoing fee's there are many expenses and very few resources available.  Click HERE to make a donation if you can!  OR, sign up to volunteer your time to one of VISTA's exciting 2016 projects!  They are in need of volunteers to help with a range of projects including building sections of trail and boots on the ground.  Click HERE to sign up as a volunteer!

2.  Explore.  
Dream it, plan it and then do it!  Get your own Spine Trail adventure under way this year!  Check out the Spine Trail Map at the bottom of the page to start your planning.  Take on sections of the trail that inspire you- from the accessible bike/horse trails on the Trans Canada portion in the south to the rugged section that follows the North Coast Trail to Cape Scott, there are endless possibilities for exploration on the Spine Trail.  Take on the #explorethevispine challenge on your own and tackle sections of the trail on your own, with a friend or as a family!  Click HERE to explore the VISTA map page and watch for my trail reports to help you plan your next adventure on the trail.

3.  Share.  Spread the word to your friends and family about the great work that VISTA is doing on the Spine Trail!  The bigger we can build our community of VISTA supporters, the faster this trail will be completed.  Share this post on your Facebook page, Twitter Feed or on your own Blog etc to help us get the word out about this awesome project.  As a community, we can make this happen!  Follow VISTA on Facebook.  Share the #explorethevispine and @vispinetrail tags.  You can do this right now and help make a difference with the click of a mouse! 

Thank you!  I am so excited to take on the #explorethevispine challenge and I sincerely hope that you will join me!  Ready...set...GO!

Happy Trails,