Minds Eye: 2016 Reflections

I've had my 2016 reflections post ready to go for over a week now...but I just couldn't hit 'publish'.  It bugged me.  I had written quite a bit about the challenges, both mental and physical, that I experienced last year...for it was one of the most difficult years of my life on many levels.  Valleys.  Deep rivers.  Dark woods.  There was even a cave or two;).  But once I had typed it all out,  I realized that the words were of little value to me (or you).  The process of reflection and connection had served my purpose.  To remember how far I have come.  To gather the lessons.   To learn from the journey.  And above all, to count my freaking blessings. 

And so...

I just deleted it.  Ahhhh...the cleansing! 

This may need to become a new New Years tradition for me.  I've heard of people writing out their struggles on paper and tossing them into the flames to burn them up into smoke.  I get that now.  Reflect, learn then release.  I do not live much in the past... In fact, my good friends know that I actually have a memory made of swiss cheese.  It used to concern me a bit...the lack of any substantial long term memory.  But now,  I look at it as a positive thanks to my Dad's comment: "You just don't live in the past.  It's not important to you."  (Thanks Dad;).  I like to think that my swiss cheese is the product of living so intently in the present and dreaming (often too much) in the future.  There's not much time for the past, when you are frantically trying to squeeze as much life out of this short journey as possible.   So...I am happy to say there is no need to keep my year of 'fears' alive in text...they have gone up in smoke!  I am climbing up out of the Valley now and man is the view up here is amazing!  So, I'm going to keep my focus on that;)

I will say, however, that it has been a wild and unexpected ride living with whiplash and concussion symptoms over the past year.  If you ever need to talk about it, I'm your gal;).  Just say the word.

And so...  Moving on to the beauty of 2016!  So much beauty...

2016 was filled with so many spectacular moments that will stay in my heart forever. 

Iceland.  Oh Iceland!  One of the most magical journeys of my life!  And to experience this wonderful place alongside such an amazing crew of ELM peeps.  Iceland.  Just type that in the search bar over there...the stories and images will have you searching for flights before you know it...;).  So many people tell me that Iceland is on their 'bucket list'...that they plan to go 'one day'.  Please don't wait.  Make this year one day.  Life is too unpredictable to make your dreams wait...

The Golden Hinde.  Oh to reach the top of Vancouver Island and back in a single day!  A new female FKT, alongside my adventure friend, Jen Segger...what a great day.  So grateful that my body did not fail me on this journey.  After so many challenges, I was beyond thankful for a healthy body and mind to help me reach this dream.

Hawaii.  Oh Hawaii!  I am meant to live there (in the winters;).  A time to heal, reset, relax and recharge my body and mind.  A time to reflect on what the point of it all really is.  A time to dream and scheme and put a plan in place to realize my vision.  Precious time alongside my best friend to remind us of what is really important.  
Run BC... Where trail running dreams are made.
So many more...
Flower Ridge hike with my Dad- what a gift to share this adventure together!
Solo walk abouts in Strathcona Park- the beginning of my healing journey!
Run BC with the best crew of dirt skirts you will ever know...
Creating beautiful photos of my adventures and the people I am so lucky to share them with!
Healing...body and mind.
Remembering who I am and who I want to be...

What 2016 taught me.

Love rules all.
I have the power to change.  But only I can be the change I seek.
Visions need action to become reality.
Body is one thing...I know it so well.  Mind is another...I want to learn more.  Did I mention I've started Hypnotherapy?  A-mazing...another post to come on that;).
I need space for 'nothing' in my life.  This is where the healing, growth and inspiration happens.  For reflection, relaxation, joy, spontaneity, growth, breathing room and for the sake of just doing nothing. 

Moving forward into 2017 and beyond I have created my new vision and it is so clear I can taste it.  I have a brand new perspective and my priorities have shifted immensely.  All thanks to that fateful crash last January;).  Beautiful things always come out of those dark valleys...like mushrooms, and moss and...um...

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2017, friends.  And to YOU realizing your own 2017 visions!

Happy New Year!
Let's roll!