Climb a little higher.

It turned out to be a beautiful Friday afternoon:) 10 degrees in the sunshine on December kind of winter weather (sorry skiiers!). I managed to escape from hours of troubleshooting on the computer (crawled out of my pjs) and headed out to the lake with a running buddy. We pointed our sneakers up to the sunny bluffs above.

I have been in rest and recovery mode since Team ELM raced in Hawaii and my body is in 'sleep mode' it seems. I have been sleeping up to 11 hours a night:). I haven't run up a hill or run longer than an hour in over a month. I have happily steered clear of goal setting, record keeping, pace checking, scheduling and 'training'. Today I had my first desire to climb up something, however.

Part way up the first little climb I was breathing way to hard for the slow pace and my legs felt like thick blocks. I was changing the route in my head already...

We got to the first little summit and the lake opened up for us with the Comox Glacier glowing in the sunshine at the far end. The sun actually had real heat in it! It filled me up and pushed me on to the next climb... Slow and steady and not pretty at all but I put one foot in front of the other to reach the next bluff. Once again I was hit hard and filled up by the beauty and the glow around me. I was tired, but I didn't want to turn around anymore;) I wanted to get to the next view...just a little higher...and I did...and it was worth every step:)

The best views are always at the top of the steepest climbs...climb higher friends:)

Happy Trails,

Climb a little higher.jpg