Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend filled with adventures and laughter:) I sure did! We had a great time on Friday night watchingUnbreakable with fellow trail runners...I finally got out in my garden on Saturday for some spring cleaning...and kept my good friend and ELM instructor, Kim Senechal company on her 35k, 1200m elevation ultratraining run on Sunday! We even got to see our very first COUGAR during our run! Finally! After decades of working and playing in the woods I got my wish:)) To see a giant cat (in a non-threatening situation lol). It looked a lot like this, with a nice fluffy winter coat. Crossed our path, we spooked each other, then it ran off in to the woods again. Amazing!!

Things have been busy busy at ELM and we are gearing up for more big adventures this spring and beyond... Be sure to sign up for our monthly E-Newsletter via our website so you get the latest updates on our plans and adventures!

Last week was jam packed with ELM clients from all walks of life... In addition to instructing group ELM Fitness Adventures, I work full time as a Kinesiologist, coaching ELM clients to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Each day is different and I enjoy the challenge and inspiration that comes from working with such a wide variety of people. You may be surprised who trains with a Kinesiologist:) Last week saw me working one on one with::

  • 40-60+year old men and women on functional fitness, nutrition and weight management. Specific event goals ranging from active holidays, endurance cycling events, learning to run and paddling competitions.

  • National level U17 rugby athlete on running technique, conditioning, weight training, training principles and annual periodization planning.

  • Clients recovering from MVA's (motor vehicle accidents) with chronic pain: on postural correction, pain management, general conditioning and safe exercise progression.

  • Clients recovering from acquired brain injuries: on co-ordination, balance, stability, agility, general conditioning and functional abilities.

  • My sessions have me outside at local parks, at the track, in the gym, in homes...my job is never boring that is for sure!

This past week I was also busy creating new blocks (months) of training plans for my online Coaching clients. I really enjoy putting together these detailed day by day training plans and working to create the 'perfect' conditioning plan that will help each client progress efficiently and safely towards their A events for the season. It is an art and a science and I love the challenge of combining these two worlds to help my clients succeed. Currently I am coaching athletes with the following goals:

  • 42k/50k then 80k Ultramarathon A race

  • 50k Ultramarathon A race

  • Great Wall of China 42k Marathon- 5000 stairs!

  • Rugby Nationals

  • Ultramarathon Athlete with multiple 50k+ events and MOMAR Adventure Race

I am always uplifted and inspired by my clients...I am sure that they provide me with as much motivation as I provide them! Let me know if you have any questions about one on one coaching and Kinesiology services anytime!

Happy Trails!