Let's Go!

Life is going to get in the way of your perfect 'dream plan'. It's just part of the deal. Sorry if I just burst your bubble. Speed bumps and flat tires are just part of life. It is how you choose to react and adapt to life's challenges that determines the quality of your life and defines who you are...and who you are going to be.

Years ago, one of my favourite prof's left me with one of my favourite quotes during a lecture on motivation and exercise.

"Fix the flat. Get back on track." You are going to get flat tires...lot's of them. That is part of driving the car of life. Let's say you are on your way to see your favourite band in concert...maybe it's Bon Jovi) or it could even be Celine Dion OMG! Either way, you are driving along and WHAM you get a flat tire! What do you do? You wouldn't just sit on the side of the highway, give up on your concert plans and cry would you? NO! You would 'Fix the flat and get back on track!" Or, maybe you would call BCAA to help you fix the flat...and that is OK too...ELM is kind of like BCAA...

So...this brings me to this:

It's halfway through week 8 in our Winter Full On Fitness & Nutrition Challenge...homework was due on Monday...and someone is MIA...again... Here is the email they woke up to:

"Let's GO!!

I have not seen your Monday homework yet- let's go! You committed to staying accountable on a weekly basis when you signed up for your Challenge. Don't make me nag you. There are only a few weeks left- please stay true to your goals and stay with the program. Putting your health at the top of your list each week during the Challenge will ensure the rest of the pieces fall into place. YOU CAN DO IT! "

Here is the email I got in return:

"I love you and ELM! I am 100% committed to the program and have no excuses. I am on top of my homework and need to sit down to send it in- which WILL happen this evening. Thank you for being so great."And yes, the homework came as promised, along with a plan for refocusing and 'fixing the flat'.
I also received this email from one of our new ELM 10K clinic runners this week:"So this is me, heading out to do my 'homework' of 3km this afternoon. Safe to say, if the schedule wasn't up on my fridge staring me in the face I would still be curled up in the chair with my book beside the fireplace, Thank you for the motivation as otherwise, on a day like today it would be easy to make excuses."
The power of a group is amazing! And committing to a program pays off the moment it motivates you to stick to your plan;) Keep on keepin' on:)Do you need a Let's GO!! email? Well...I just wrote you one (see above). Now, get going.Cheers,SS