My Christmas Wish For You

Believe in yourself.jpg

Merry Christmas Friends!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family and friends during this magical time of year:) I have had the pleasure of joining so many wonderful people on their health journey's this year... Words cannot explain the joy I feel watching my ELM friends reach their personal dreams and goals. I feel ever grateful to be a part of their journey towards living a healthier, more joyful life.

I believe so deeply that YOU really are capable of reaching any dream you set your mind to. I know, that sometimes, I believe this more than you do. My heart is so full with belief for you that it aches with joy and frustration when you do not feel it too. My wish is that you will believe in yourself as much as I do this year. I wish that you will give yourself the gift of belief. Believe in yourself and know that your potential has no boundaries. You are limitless. Believe in yourself enough to commit to your goals - no matter how big or small. Believe in yourself enough to be your own number one fan. Believe in yourself enough to create space in your life for your health and fitness. Believe in yourself enough to put your health and goals at the very top of your 'list'.

This is my wish and gift for you...I hope that you will open it, accept it and wear it everyday with pride this year! (Sure beats that ugly sweater you got from Auntie Margaret;)

Cheers to a happy and healthy YOU!