The Best of 2013!

2013. Wow. What a wonderful and wild year that was with ELM!

I had WAY too much fun with you all this year to actually call it 'work':) I got to spend the year cheer leading, adventuring, running, biking, laughing, hi 5ing, sweating, fist pumping and woohooing with you all! Thank you all for joining ELM on our crazy adventures this past year. I am grateful for the opportunity to know you all and for all of the awesome memories we have shared over the past year! You say we inspire you...but the truth is...YOU inspire us:) Thank you.

Here are some of the highlights from ELM in 2013! Be sure to check out the Best of 2013 album on our facebook page and tag away if you see yourself or your friends in action!

Team ELM takes on the YETI in January! Woohooo!

ELM Members celebrate a beautiful day for our annual Snowshoe & Feast at Coastal Trek Lodge!

Our Two ELM Teams rocked the Snow to Surf- coming one and two on the podium woot woot!

ELM Members celebrate the Summer Solstice with an Orienteering adventure at Comox Lake! Rain and all!

Our Sunrise Run and Stretch at the Beach: Lole Meet Up didn't disappoint! What a summer we had!

Ahhhhh Tyax unbelievable that we might just have to return in 2014...

ELM went to HAWAII for the XTERRA Off Road Half Marathon World Championships! What a dream event it was...and yes...we ARE planning to go back in 2014!