You can do it!


Here are some inspiring words from our awesome ELM friends who have reached their personal goals! I hope that you find part of yourself somewhere in them...along with inspiration motivation and energy to help you reach for your own dreams and goals;) Cheers to a healthy and happy 2014! You can do it!


I just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement and the great training. In my wildest dreams I never thought that at 56 years I would run a 10 K in 57.33…running across that finish line was as rewarding as walking across the stage to accept my MA diploma. Next year…yes there will be a next year…I plan to beat my time.

Thanks, D

I made it to the top of Kilimanjaro without experiencing any altitude sickness, fatigue or
muscle soreness, in fact, it was easy! Thank you for preparing me so well!!!!! - S

I have to say the changes in myself over the past year have been incredible...Thank you Sarah for being behind me in this change I am doing, thank you for cheering me on, thank you for pushing me to push myself!-C

I truly enjoyed almost every aspect of the 10 week Challenge and learned a great deal about my potential. I found most of it effortless if not fun ... It felt very natural. Having all your pants too loose and punching holes in your belts is a good motivator. I also found some of my long lost abs. And yes, I look great naked;)

Thanks for being my health enabler. - J

I'm having a great time with the learn to run clinic. The run leaders have been fabulous, and I'm actually motivated to run which is saying a lot. I'm looking forward to stepping it up to your 10K run clinic in the new year, and hopefully you'll run another trail run clinic come spring. - D

Baby boot camp is awesome- Rae is amazing. I don’t know how she manages all the kids and makes sure we work hard at the same time but she does it seamlessly! - M

Last weeks run was great as always thanks again soo much for always being positive, with loads of encouragement, great leaders, and fun. - C

Being a part of ELM has been such a great experience and I will do my best to let your encouraging words continue ringing in my eager ears. You have provided such tremendous support and encouragement, shared your knowledge and expertise, and pushed me way harder than I would ever have pushed myself : ) Thank you for everything! - J

I owe you a HUGE thank you for all your help and especially for telling me this was not a dream and that I could easily achieve running a half marathon! Thanks for being such a great inspiration!!!-C

It’s 5:30 am. I can’t sleep. My mind and heart is full of the events of yesterday and I just need to share.
It’s incredible when you set you mind to do something… you can do anything!! - N Read entire story..

My life has changed dramatically. not just physically but mentally. I have energy with a renewed enthusiasm for health and fitness. Given that my job is very physical, I have really noticed my increased ability to sustain a quick pace. I am noticeably stronger in "real world activities" and can maintain a higher output. -J Read entire story...

Life is filled with serendipity! I have read your book cover to cover and am amazed at how timely it is for me. I have just been going through the process of determining my true core values and aligning my lifestyle with those values. Your book just fell right in line with that process. Thanks so much for your book - it could not have come at a more perfect time! -D (Fit & Free)

Looking forward to hearing YOUR story soooooon...