This is it. The final hours of 2014. How do you feel about it? Just another day? Or a symbolic moment in time? Or perhaps both, depending on the time of day😉

We humans love rituals and a chance for celebration. And New Years is no exception. In our world the New Year marks an end and a beginning... An old life fading and a new one emerging.

Perspective is a wild superpower. If nothing else, New Years Eve gives us the gift of honing this skill. The last day of the year is the perfect time to do some clearing and make space for...?

Look back...what moments stand apart for you? Not likely getting a new car. More likely it is the magic that you remember... That night you drove to the beach for sushi and a sunset. That time you hiked to the top of a mountain with no one but your heart beside you. That day you laughed until you cried with your sister. That sweet moment sitting on your surfboard with your legs dangling in the warm sea. That moment when you reached your goal

But it's not all roses. There may be something less than magic looking back at you as well. Life is hard. There ain't no way of getting around it. Life can be unfair, unforgiving and brutally hard. Actually, it is guaranteed to times. This is life. I hope that you can look back on these moments for what they were...part of your journey.

Now is a great time to take a moment and reflect on your year, savour the magic and release the shadows. Letting go of the "should haves" and "if onlys" is a heavenly feeling. The space that comes from clearing our hearts is wide open, full of boundless potential and tastes of sweet anticipation...the best has yet to come. Make space for more magic cuz it's coming your way in 2015😉💕✌️!

Cheers to a healthy and happy New Year filled with adventure!