Client Stories: "My Life Is Immeasurably Better..."


“My thanks to Sarah, for creating a holistic fitness education program that encompassed eating, sleeping and moving and for being the first person who told me that my injury wasn’t going to finish me.” - Karen Cummins

Health, belief and 'stoke' are all extremely contagious. I know that you will be inspired by Karen's story, so I asked her to share a bit of her journey with you all. She has inspired me with her belief, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and dedication to her new lifestyle and longterm health. Well done Karen. I am beyond grateful to have crossed your path and to have the chance to support you on our journey. I can't wait to see what you do next!

1. What obstacles did you face when beginning your new fitness program?

I had some fear around not being athletic or skilled with gym equipment. Would I be able to do what was expected? I have never really liked the gym environment so wasn’t looking forward to that. I didn’t know how I was going to make the time at first.

2. How did you overcome these?

My fears about not being athletic were eased by Sarah’s confirmation that I could do the fitness work and her corrections were always gentle. I realized that the program was just for me and that there was no competition. My program was tailored for my needs, to do at home or outside which I love and I have become comfortable going to the gym once a month or on bad weather days when I can’t bike outside.

3. How has your fitness program positively impacted your life?

I began the program just short of one year ago when I could barely walk and was in severe pain from a back and knee injury. I could only go down stairs backwards. I didn’t know how I would be able to continue working in my career as a horticulturist, walk downtown or hike. I felt abandoned by the medical system, old and totally discouraged. The positive aspects of the program began before it started when I followed Sarah’s instruction to visualize my fitness outcomes. I was encouraged. Within the first month of her assessment and giving me my program I felt more alive, energetic and confident that I could recover. At 3 months the back pain was gone. I was working 2-3 days a week. At 5 months I regained my normal walking gait and lost the limp. At month 7 I suddenly realized that my knee felt stable when I walked as if it was supported again and there was little discomfort. At month 8 I could actually walk FAST again and I could hike up and down hills with poles without pain. At month 9 I could walk down my stairs normally. I recovered without pills or surgery using active fitness therapy.

These are breakthrough moments physically but just as important were the big lifestyle changes: better attention to food, drinking lots of water, reducing stress, working less, sleeping 7-9 hours every night and being grateful for it all. My life is immeasurably better than before the injury.

4. How do you ‘find the time’ for fitness on a consistent basis?

I decided right at the beginning that the fitness program had to be a top priority and focus in my life and that all other commitments, including work, had to be planned second. This was a big step for me and one my body had been waiting for me to take. Sarah gave me a body weight training program that was more casual and flexible that I could do during business trips or family holidays.

5. What keeps you motivated to continue with your program over the long term?

Feeling alive, energetic, healthy and strong is enough for me to stay consistent. I also just love doing it. I loved the biking right from the start and now it is the preferred vehicle in my life just as I had visualized. I look forward to whatever part of my program I have planned for my day. I just think of it as something that makes me feel good.

6. What would you like to tell the world about your fitness program?

If it was a pill or a surgery you would get it prescribed in a heartbeat. I believe in active therapy.

7. Please share anything else you like!!

My thanks to Sarah, for creating a holistic fitness education program that encompassed eating, sleeping and moving and for being the first person who told me that my injury wasn’t going to finish me. I feel blessed that you are continuing to help me progress and realize new fitness goals and especially for encouraging me to live in the present, be in the moment.

Christine Morgan