Go Team ELM Go! Exciting news from ELM!

Team ELM has been rockin race courses all over the globe this spring! From the Comox Valley Snow to Surf Relay to a Half Marathon in Sweden, Team ELM has crossed all sorts of exciting race finish lines already this year! Read on to find out what Team ELM has been up to and what is coming next...

Comox Valley Royal Lepage Snow to Surf Relay:Team ELM rocked their way to another gold medal in the Masters Women category this year! That is 7...or 8? times on the top of the podium for these amazing ladies! SO awesome to spend the day cheering and being cheered on the course. The S2S never disappoints- it is always a great day! Check out photos of the fun online here!

Times Colonist 10K! Team ELM had 14 members racing in this years TC 10K in Victoria and they all did amazing! After training with ELM for 10 weeks they enjoyed a celebration run/race in Vic. 10th place overall in the Team Category and many personal bests! You can check out photos' from this years 10K clinic over here. And, scroll down to read an amazing post race tale from Stefanie, one of our rock star clinic participants!

No 7 Challenge 10K in Port Alberni! Cheryl V and Sally F completed this challenging 10k course whileracing a train in PA! Well done ladies- can't wait to see what you tackle next!

ELM Run Team 

Meet the Team! Click this link to watch a short clip of some of our Team Members at a 'meet up' run this past month!

Did you know that ELM has a 2016 Run Team? Now you do! This year, I am coaching a team of amazing people towards a wide range of endurance running goals right around the globe. We meet up online in a private Run Team group where members can share ideas, provide and receive support and inspire and motivate one another. All Members of Team ELM receive coaching support and training/racing advice through our online group to compliment their individual Online Coaching programs. It is a fun and effective group coaching platform and we are having a great time supporting one another! Here is what our Team has been up to so far!

Half Marathon in Sweden! Sarah Erikkson is training for her first 100km run (training in Sweden, racing the 100k in Lanzarot) but she stepped out of her comfort zone with a half marathon road race this past month to get her heart rate up and blow out the cobwebs! You can read Sarah's race report hereand learn more about her 2016 #roadtoanultra training on her awesome blog!

Nimble Bear 25km! Cindy rocked her second trail race of the season on this challenging course in Kelowna and did great! Her words: "I am learning!" as she trains her way to her goal event in Squamish this August.

Boston Marathon! Two Members of the Team earned their spots and competed in the world renowned Boston Marathon this past month! A huge congratulations goes out to Run Team Members Marian and Paula for making this bucket list dream come true (twice so far for Marian!)

BMO Marathon!
Silvia just completed her very first marathon in Vancouver last weekend! I am so proud of this amazing woman for setting big goals and dedicating the time and energy needed to see them through. So awesome to be a part of your marathon journey! Her post race text read in part: "I smiled the whole way!" It doesn't get much better than that!

Team ELM is tackling some exciting races in the next few months! Marian Paterson will be taking on her first 50km ultra in Elk Lake next weekend. Many team members are rocking The Cumby 20k as a training race and I am heading to Arizona with Kim Senechal for the Grand Canyon Ultra in two weeks! Kim is rocking the 80k and I am going for the sprint distance 50k heehee;). Team ELM will be taking over Sayward in June as most of the team is headed up for the Kusam Klimb and then...Team ELM will be heading to Iceland for the Laugavegur 55km Ultra in July! With many more races and adventures in between.

It is a very exciting year for Team ELM!

And finally...from Stefanie...

It is about so much more than running...
We have goosebumps reading this lovely letter from one of our spring 10K clinic graduates. We hope that it inspires you and reminds you of your 'why'. Get up and get going...you won't regret it!
------------scroll down

"Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the great 10km clinic. 10 weeks ago I was feeling really blah. I saw someone had liked your page on facebook so clicked on it and decided to sign up and go for it. I was sick of feeling like all I did was cook, clean, do laundry, and drive my kids to things....I wanted something that was "my own thing!" Pretty amazing what 10 weeks can do...both physically and mentally!

I seriously thought I was going to cry about 100 times during the run...haha. It was so amazing to set a goal and actually see it through to the end.

I have done run clinics in the past and done a few races. This was definitely the best I have ever felt, throughout training and during the run (even while battling plantar faciatis) I had nerves at the start line, but they weren't nerves about whether or not I could complete the run, because I felt totally ready from all the training. The hills in the run hardly seemed like hills at all, after the big hills we had done. While running, I wasn't worrying about how many km I had left (well, until about the 8km mark:)), but instead I was thinking about my cadence, my posture, my arms not swinging across my body, my pace and breaking the run into thirds, etc....all the things we had focused on during training, replayed in my head and worked to block out any "I have so far to go" thoughts. So did all the amazing people along the sidelines cheering....so motivating! I loved it.

Fully committing to and completing the 10 week program was amazing, but getting back into running and really enjoying it, meeting new friends (which I hadn't really done since moving to the Comox Valley) and just having a whole new positive, excited outlook on life and whats to come next is really freaking awesome!!

Heading out for my first post race run this morning!! Excited to get back out there!
Thanks again. Looking forward to trail running!"

Happy Trails and Happy Friday!