Music to Move You


A friend just gave me a mixed CD for my birthweek:) How fun is that? Remember the days where you made your friends mixed tapes for road trips, birthdays and just because (and didn't worry about being thrown into jail for sharing music with your peeps lol?).

If you are like me, your mood can be manipulated by the powerful influence of music- and a good song can send your energy through the roof during a hard training session or low point in a race. Music is a powerful tool for motivation and performance and it really is like free energy that you can plug into anytime you like.

I seem to go on and off music, seemingly forgetting about it's magical powers for periods of time. Recently, I have experienced a serious revival and I can't get enough of my music! I am in love with my new playlist so I thought I would share it with best as I can. Sorry, I couldn't make you a mixed tape, but at least you can see what would be on that tape if I could!

Get inside my head for an hour (no judgement allowed!)...

What is on your favourite playlist right now? What tunes pump you up? And which ones help you relax when you need to come back down?

Thanks for sharing!!

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